Monday, January 15, 2007

last night we went over to dave stone's house for a mini-birthday party and season premiere of '24'. both christine and kaylee are overly-empathetic media consumers [see picture of christine above, watching television while turned the wrong way]. adam was getting mad. dave kept giggling. that was a good time. good gathering of old friends and new friends.


  1. ok
    so i have a problem with fear

  2. wow. ok, she wasn't like that on monday night, and I can't say I'm not dissapointed.

  3. Anonymous17/1/07 13:59

    i don't know where to reply back to your comment. so i'll just post here: re: studying in bed. TOTALLY! its like, i'll just sit with pillows propping me up. and then its like, oh but turning on my side is much more comfortable. and then you think the arms are getting tired so you study on you stomach book infront. but of course you can't prop your head up the whole time, your shoulders get tired. and then you read in the awkward position with your head resting in your folded arms, face turned to the side to read a book semi-propped up on your pillows. until you realize you've closed your eyes for the last 30 min and had a wikked nap, usually awoken startled by your cell phone ringing somewhere across the room which you a) HAVE to answer, grr. but b) secretly are glad they called you and brought you back to reality = you need to study!


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