Wednesday, December 06, 2006

i found this thing called vox. my page that i started looks like this: click here to experience. i saw it advertised on flickr, and when i took a little look around i got excited because their templates are gorgeous/cute. annndddddd i thought that perhaps i could merge everything together: my flickr images, video, and all the journalling that i've done here on blogger.

well, two of three ain't good enough, in my opinion.

i can do flickr and video on it, but i can't do blogger. it'll do livejournal and typepad blogs, but not blogger. it says that i can import my blog, but all it does is just takes the title and posts that. i'm not sure why it's not working. i haven't been able to find any help for that.

i probably shouldn't waste too much of my time on it. but it would have been fun. looks soooooo good.

you know what else looks good? my husband got a hair cut today at Framar. Mr. Fancy Pants better look hot.


  1. yessssss. i got to see it without having to sign up for anything. sweet.

  2. man
    i was looking for a new blog.
    where is it??
    for some reason, i feel like i've looked at this blog many many times, but it was only posted on wednesday . . .


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