Toronto = Nathan Philips Square + Queen Street + Sushi on Bloor

Sunday, December 10, 2006

In Nathan Philips Square
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today was taking the Geng sisters downtown to see Toronto. Lois (on the left) has been a resident here for seven years, but Cindy (between my parents) has only just arrived probably just over a month ago. She speaks no English. The sisters together have been busy taking care of their elderly father - and so Cindy hasn't seen anything about Toronto aside from her neighbourhood block. So, we took it upon ourselves to show Cindy a bit of Toronto.

We first took her down to see Margaret's studio sale. She was invited by a few friends to bring some pieces and sell them at their new gallery/studiospace. Very cool and generous of them. I bought a piece from one of the other artists who works with glass making unique handmade beads.

Afterwards, we parked and made a walk down Queen Street (seeing City Hall, and Nathan Philips Square), up McCaul (to see Margaret's ugly school), west on Dundas, through Chinatown on Spadina, and then back on Queen Street to where we started. Cindy was attracted by Mendicino's window dressing, but repelled by the prices inside. I took them across to Zara - they were pleased. I think they'll go back when they have a chance.

After our little 2 hour tour, we took them where we take all of our guests: Sushi on Bloor. Come on, who doesn't love Sushi on Bloor? That makes guests 32 and 33 introduced by me. :-)

At dinner they toasted us and thanked us for sacrificing our "precious time" to show them around - as if they're a project or something. Oh my goodness, I love having the chance to express sentiments with few words and lots of gestures. Sharing time together - having a chance to share a first time experience with someone new to the city. Building friendships that don't even have a language to communicate with. Seriously a very special time.

My parents want to take them to Niagara Falls next. This would mean in the wintertime. Aiya - we did this with Tom one other time, and it's dreadfully cold. You'll have icicles hanging out of your nostrils within two minutes of stepping outside.


  1. that sounds awesome and yesterday was such a gorgeous day to be out.

  2. Right on!
    SO, here it is...
    This thursday I was planning to go directly home from HAmilton from Belleville. BUT! (and here's the catch) I have some time in tornto (I atually have to return about 12 overdue books to various Toronto libraries WHICH leaves me with time to hit sushi on bloor!
    Join me?


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