soooooooooooooo tired

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

my itchiness has returned. for some reason i have hives all over my legs. and the some other reason it's only at night that they taunt me. all this while i just want a good night's rest. i woke up at 1:30am, and then intermittenly all through the night. got up, tried to control the itchiness with some lotion(s) and went to sleep on the couch, got up took a benedryl, and then got up went back to sleep in our bed, fell asleep, then woke up again... no rest, really.

i had the same thing about two weeks ago for three weeks straight. i got sick during that time. i am NOT having that repeat again.

well, got to work at 11 today. i have so much to do. but when i'm tired like this, i can't even find the energy to feel stressed.

i can hear my bed calling me.


  1. Anonymous5/12/06 20:54

    Oh no! You poor darling.

    I will ask God to heal you up good.
    Sleep will come to us all ... the concern is always waking up.

  2. oh kathy...
    that sucks.
    i'm going to whip up an asian remedy for you. yes. i just have to figure out what it'll be...


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