Sunday, December 10, 2006

last night i stayed up way too late trying to customize my darn blog. it started when i noticed that dave's blog had labels (or tags - searchable by topic). and other cool little differences. blog envy. see what it can do to you?

anyway, coupled with chatting with adam and margaret on msn, it was a recipe for a late night. 2am. i have a headache. the worst part was, i was trying to see if i could download a couple of these templates but it wouldn't work. And plus some of them required way too much set up (i.e., downloading the images of the blog, uploading it elsewhere and then modify all the links so that they refer to the new location. at 1:30am i had no patience for that, that's for sure. and plus, do i take this thing THAT seriously? (reminding myself, it's not that serious).

it's obvious that i am a blog-addict. i am a dedicated reader of at least 6 blogs. i'm gonna add the links of the blogs i read over there (to the right). right now it shows that i read one blog (christine's) but that's a lie.

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