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Monday, December 11, 2006

today, i didn't bring a lunch. so i invited debbie and theresa over to 'crossing bridge noodle' at the plaza east of work. debbie and theresa both had brought their lunches but weren't 'excited' about eating it. haha! i had company. over lunch we shared stories about work and theresa was astonished - realizing that she wasn't alone in the pressures and stresses that she had been facing. (she's only been working with us for about 2 months or so). we gave her some suggestions and told her that she needs to draw boundaries around her life so that she doesn't end up just being angry at work all the time - not that she is there yet.

i've been getting to know theresa over the last few weeks and i learned that she lives at yonge and finch. i learned that she takes the bus. i take the bus. i live at don mills and finch. i asked her the question - how come i've never seen her on the bus? that's 'cause she leaves work late almost everyday. sometimes 5:30, sometimes 6, sometimes 7. but never at 5. so today, when i finished at 5, i went and grabbed her and we took the bus together - jabbering all the way home. yay! new friend!

i had such a great day today. had a really great chat with jonathan. had a really funny story-sharing time with rex and terry. i don't know... i feel like i had just great connecting times with people today. i feel light. i feel just ridiculously giddy and happy. (oh yeah, of course, i did some work too!) anyway, i chalk it up to reading the bible in a way that i hadn't read it in a long time, last night. [thanx bex]. i know, obviously, reading the bible isn't this magical thing where suddenly everything is going to be perfect, but being spiritually fed before facing a day makes a whole ton of difference. of course i know that. living that is a whole bunch different.

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