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Friday, December 15, 2006

had a good, good time tonight with margaret and matt. matt came over to make chocolate cake with gonzo. it was a good excuse to eat steak for dinner. mmm... we managed to watch two pixar movies in one night. oh how i forgot how great those movies feel on my eyes.

tomorrow i hang with margaret. well, really, i'm going to be going christmas shopping on behalf of my mother. the injustice. i finished christmas shopping sunday, december 3. i managed to score all the gifts that both gonzo and i needed to buy for both sides of the family, as well as for friends. and what? now, i have to shop for all the gifts that my mother "doesn't have time for". ugh.

i'm so glad to just have a day where i'm not going to do any work, do some brainless shopping, and meet up with an old friend (dave stone, folks!). i'm even making my husband go to the presentation by himself. sorry, hubby. just can't go near the place tomorrow.

i left half an hour early today, 'cause i was working up a big ball of stress at work today. so much so that it manifested in itchiness. yes, the itchy saga continues. my elbows, the sides of my face... i'm becoming a freak, officially. i've gotta get my stress under control. the funny thing is that i didn't know that i was stressed. i thought that i was doing pretty good. my skin betrays me. i think that i'd rather this than the chronic stomach aches i had a few years ago. i had that for six months straight. everything i ate made my stomach hurt. it's amazing i didn't lose a single pound back then.

i'm looking forward to the holidays. i'm looking forward to a new year. 2007. craaaazy. i remember when we were decorating the whole main foyer at the church for 2000. fever and all.

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