Wiser Night

Friday, November 24, 2006

Mango Mix
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This blog is for you. :-)

We had such a great time tonight. Tonight was the one proper time all week that Wiser has been home that we've been able to get in a GOOD HANG OUT. And tonight we got that fix, for sure.

Started with Sushi on Bloor. I had a hard, hard time getting my dad and myself downtown. I was on Bloor for a total of 45 minutes. Anyway, after that, we had such a great time. Dad and I arrived, and Christine's already got like 15 items written down on a napkin, and Wiser's like, "WHAT ELSE?" As if this were going to be the last meal he ever had on earth. In good fashion, we almost didn't make it... but we brought in some good eating power (THE LIMS) and every last maki was gone.

Afterwards, we went to CD Replay and they were having a wicked sale. We got Matrix Revisited (the making of The Matrix I), Peter Gabriel "So", Whale Rider Soundtrack and "Gold" by Cream [2 disc] for $30.

AND... after that, we brought our pictures from our travels and shared them at the newest, coolest spot in town: Destiny Tea Cafe. Yeah, yeah, i know that it's the third time in two weeks, but it's so great there. Next week, the 'regulars' are planning on eating there. I really want to try the food. Looks so good.

We have one more hang out with Wiser tomorrow, then he's back to school. :-(


  1. i had so much fun it was unbelievable.


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