Wednesday, November 01, 2006

On Sunday, I called Tom in Germany. On that day, I've been in the search of a microphone for my computer. See, Tom introduced me to Skype -- although I was aware of it, I was only aware of it in the capacity that Hans uses it, but I didn't know for what. In case you also don't know, Skype is so you can chat with your friends online, like msn, but with the added capability of 'voice' chatting. At first I was like, okay, that's not that big deal - especially we have this thing called PHONES.

However - it turns out to be super-fun. Even if it's just chatting like msn. I like the set up way better than msn. You don't have a trillion windows open and having to keep track of who you're talking to, which is sometimes a big problem for me. (All you people who speak to me on msn regularly know that this is true). All the chats in Skype show up on one window, and then when you have more than one person that you're chatting with (with your fingers) you'll see a red circle with a number of how many entries you're behind in reading. Pretty great.

With the voice chatting thing - you can call REAL phones, which is great for people who are computer-inadequate. That would be amazing if it stayed free. It's going to go to a paid service at the end of the year. However, super-cool, it's free to call each other on computers forever. I think.

ALSO - there is video conferencing. I guess iChat is also available, but I don't think that is available on pcs. And unfortunately many of my friends are on pcs (I was about to write 'most' of my friends... but most of my friends are on macs!). Anyway, I don't want to have to buy an iSignt rig.... $200. If I happened to have an iSight (like on the cool new iMacs and macbooks), that would be ultrafun.

So, yeah, I bought a mic back on Monday night and I didn't know that macs didn't have a 'regular' line in port. I thought the other port that looked like headphone jack was a line-in, but I guess not, since I had purchased a pc mic (for $6), and couldn't get it to work. I told the people at the store that it was defective since I tried it on both my macs, but they tested it in the store and proved me wrong. Works on a pc! Oh heck. So I had to buy a $40 one from the mac store if I wanted to chat with my friends overseas for free. I guess in the long run it'll be cheaper than calling. Plus, for some reason, in today's world, if it's something attached to the computer, you'll do it way more often. Like, I would never pick up the phone and call Germany 2 or 3 times a week - not even ONCE a week. But so far, I've spoken to Alice and Tom three times this week. It's so different. Weird eh?

On another note, I bought the new John Legend by the Doctor's recommendation. So far, pretty sweet.

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