new phone!

Monday, November 27, 2006

finally.... we got a new phone. our last phone was pretty crap. oi. we had battery problems from the start which we recified with a car charger for a little while. but then there was no hope - and that was about a month or two ago that it started. just would die in the middle of a conversation although it would say that it was full battery. you'd turn it back on and then it would say it was still full battery. stupid stuff like that.

now we have a lovely nokia 6265i just like my sisters. we're a trio now. the phone is seriously so fun. what's cool too is that it has bluetooth connectivity so he can take pictures and video and deliver it wirelessly to his mac. when i performed that trick for the first time Gonzo cheered and applauded. for real.

okay, i'm so tired now, and it's 10pm. i'm officially OLD.


  1. exciting!
    i love that you all have the same phone now.
    so on wednesday i will give you some moolah for le camera.

  2. oh oh teach me!!!

    i want to learn . . .

    what colour? black or white???


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