Wednesday, November 22, 2006

oh... i just finished the crappiest design task i have every month: the church monthly calendar. it's just amassing tons of information and organizing it neat rows. i always have a crick in my neck when i'm done. now i'm done. and i have a crick in my neck.

i'm just waiting now for joseph sullivan to pick me up so that we can go home to gonzo and ana and have swiss chalet for dinner. i'm looking forward to a boring white meal. :-) sometimes chicken soup is just the best thing for a stressed day. crazy thing is that i've got more tomorrow. and i still haven't figured out how i'm gonna get to the chapman's studio on friday. they work outside of the TTC reachability. maybe i'll check out VIVA. although in the past when i've tried to check the website, it's been down. i hope i don't have to take a taxi. i'm not too keen on climbing into a car with a perfect stranger. i know that it's perfectly normal and not-crazy to call a cab, but.... i don't wanna.

okay, so facebook is definitely my new obsession. the feature that i'm sold on is the fact that there is a summary of activity that all your contacts have made that day. that's very fun. and it's way better designed than myspace. that's why everyone clammers to customize their page... it's so ugly! facebook - i don't mind the way it looks. i'm fine that you can't change it.

joseph's here. gonna go now.

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