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Friday, November 17, 2006

cool spot
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Christine took us to Destiny Tea House on Silver Star Blvd, just north of the church a bit, tonight. It's absolutely beautiful. All wood, with all this crazy Chinese lattice designs. It's obviously a popular spot among the 'real chineses'.

One of the greatest and coolest things about Toronto, that I absolutely love, is the ability to really experience a real taste of another culture. Like, I am Chinese. But I really don't know anything about Chinese culture outside of a Chinese family experience. I don't know what Chinese people do for fun. What young adults go out and do at night. Well, one of the things that I found out tonight is that they go to these bubble tea houses and play cards, like the person in this photo is doing with his friends... (he's wearing green). So, our plan is to go next week, and do the same. Me, Beka, Gonzo and Christine are going to go there and play cards. Like the real Chineses.

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  1. yesssssss. i love asianess. so much.


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