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Saturday, November 25, 2006

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juanita and i work together. we love food. we talk about the dishes we made recently and how delicious they were. food, food, food. talk, talk, talk. we kept talking about how we should have a cooking day together and stuff. well, as it is very typical in Toronto, you talk about getting together but somehow making it happen is a different deal altogether.

about a month ago we were talking about how i can't bake. and how i made these flat banana loaves, not able to make them rise more than an inch and a half. i had given up about over a year ago on baking. well, that's all we needed: a goal. juanita is an avid baker (although both her children hate sweets.... weird...), and so who better to learn from?!

so, today was the day. i went over to her house, bringing my sisters along (well, actually christine brought us because i had no car) and made 4 kinds of cookies - all with similar shortbread type batter. i even brought my kitchen aid mixer that i never use 'cause i gave up on baking, remember? we made cookies with pecans, ones with icing, ones with chocolate chunks, and ones with chocolate chunks and cranberries. these were seriously easy. i didn't know baking could be so easy. they only had 4 ingredients each. that's fabulous.

juanita baked her batch, with christine as her assistant (TEAM A), and margaret and i worked on ours. we made over 350 cookies between 10am and 3pm, using 6 pounds of butter total today.

to the gym tomorrow.

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  1. i love it.
    juanita is awesome.
    i love seeing all the photos too. 6 pounds of butter?!


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