Saturday, November 25, 2006

looked at puny negatives all day.
this is the fourth night i've been out in a row.
i have been non-stop full since sushi last night.
now i have two cups of bad coffee in me.

i'm also full of good times and stronger connections to the people i love.

however, i'd better go to sleep.
i've got a butter-event tomorrow morning, and dumpling event on sunday. i'm gonna be lucky if i'm alive on monday.

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  1. for sure i'll see you at SNG.
    and i understand the feeling of being out every night...and it only continues for me..for the next 4 nights! yikes! the madeness must end.
    can you send me the photo christine took of me on your camera? the one where all you can see is pretty much hair and i'm drining out of a straw? i might use it as my new profile pic.


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