Sunday, October 29, 2006

tried to post this on myspace -- got rejected. so here it is:

At home by myself on a crazy windy Sunday morning up on the 14th floor and figured I'm going to make an appearance on myspace. Unfortunately, since I'm so out of practice of blogging on here, or even anywhere lately, I haven't a clue what to write.

Anyway, life is good. Trying to get settled back into a regular routine from after a big vacation. It's nice though, feeling like you can set new habits and all that. Feels a bit freeing. It's weird how when you get into a routine, whether good or bad, you have only a little power to get out of it. Interrupt it huge, however, with a big trip somewhere and even your sleeping patterns are up for modification. I'm an early bird now! :-)

Posted some of my pictures from our trip. Only got the first few days up -- mostly Sweden so far. Will post some more soon. Check it out.

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