Germany - the start!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Been in Germany for about 4 hours now... Feels so good. We'll be here for 2 weeks (well, with a break in Sweden - Thursday to Sunday).

******UGH. This German laptop has the 'z's and the 'y's switched. I'm gonna stop correcting myself from this point. Just switch them around in your head*****

So, zes, I am verz excited. Gonyo is currentlz passed out on the couch beside me. We had a verz late flight -- leaving Toronto at 12pm, and arriving at 7am Toronto time. He didn't sleep verz much. I definitelz slept more than him, but not bz much more. This would be due to the child that sat behind me with severe ADHD. He kicked mz seat everz moment that he was awake.

Before we got on the flight, i noticed him (around 5 zears old), with his mother and little sister (mazbe 3 zears old). I noticed him because his mother had him on one of those leashes (for children, of course). His mother was struggling with putting the stroller in the large plastic bag that Air Transat makes zou put on the strollers before putting them on the plane. She had to let him go. He started running around, and finallz came back to where his mother and sister were... he grabbed his sister bz the dress, and hit her hard twice on the back. This child was the spawn of the devil. And this child sat behind me and his screaming kid sister.

Other than that, the flight was perfect.

Tom came and picked us up at the airport. He had opportunitz to go home before having to pick us up (he arrived a couple of hours before us flzing from Toronto, stopping in Milan). We went to see his brother and his familz, and Tom's parents. It was so nice to catch up with his parents a little. It would have been three zears since I saw them last. So cool. I also met Tom's little nephew that I onlz saw as a bump on his mother's bellz the last time I was in Germanz. That was trippz.

Aiiighhhtt.. I am on german dial-up that bills bz the minute so I'd better go. Next time I'll construct mz blog in Word first to be more economical. Fer sure.

*sigh* I am in Germanz. This is great.

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  1. ok. so that was awesome to read. it's like their keyboards force you to type with a german accent.
    "spawn of the devil" kid...crazy.


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