Sunday, August 06, 2006

So after my whole ordeal yesterday (I effectively purchased three scanners yesterday), everything came out alright. I scanned a TON of pictures today in a little over half an hour. And the colour reproduction is actually pretty amazing. I am very surprised for have bought an HP scanner. HP, sheesh, they make really good printers - but heck, not necessarily scanners. Photo stuff is usually left to Canon or Epson. Actually Canon is pretty much crap aside from their video equipment and digital cameras (congratulations again, Lindsay Thompson). Canon makes crappy printers. Canon makes crappy copiers. Canon makes crappy scanners (as I discovered yesterday when mine failed to even power up out of the box - and that was the top of their line).

The only thing about this scanner though, is that it's HUMUNGEOUS. Oh well, I'm happy that it works and the quality is actually quite excellent. I only hope that it stays working. I read a review from someone online and said that it crashes and freezes up on her/him all the time. But, that might be their crappy computer's fault. I have a mac, so therefore, that does not apply to me.


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