Monday, August 21, 2006

Lately, I've accomplished so much stuff that I've been meaning to take care of, but haven't.

  • Get my digital photographs from San Francisco printed, and then assemble all my photos from that trip into photo albums. My sisters know what a feat this is!
  • Repotted all my plants that were too big for their old homes
  • Put shelving into my bathroom space to improve tidyness in there (Margaret-assistance)
  • Installed a light over my kitchen sink so we can see! (Margaret-assistance)
  • Upgraded my Microsoft Office for Mac and got my email organized
  • Started planning better storage space with Gonzo. But have to wait - can't blow all our money right now
  • Booked and are planning our vacation to Germany and Sweden. Gonna be amazing!
  • Bought a scanner recently - after waiting about 2 years.

    Feels pretty good. Working on neatness. Working on sleeping. Working on waking. Gonzo has been transfered to a new house in Richmond Hill, which has cut the travelling time into more than half. That's one good thing. Gonzo's got his new schedule which is far more consistent and less sporadic than his last schedule. Many days are 7am to 3pm. Another GREAT thing. Gonzo's also got a great boss. He even uses email. Trust me, that's a leap and a jump forward than what his last house was managed like. And yet another great thing. Thanks God!

    Anyway, life has taken a nice comfortable step forward. I'm happy for it. Gotta move on booking a dentist appointment for both of us... a not so great thing.
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