History of the Wok

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

History of the Wok
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I invited my parents over for dinner on Sunday night, and I made sage pork loin with apples and onions. (So GOOD, except I shouldn't have used my cast iron pan 'cause it made the sauce black!) I planned a whole evening (simple, mind you) where after dinner we could enjoy some coffee out on our balcony. But because my parents were expecting to go home after dinner, they decided to cook the chicken wings they had brought over for dinner 'cause they wouldn't have time to cook dinner on Monday. Well, the wok you see in the picture is actually their wok. It's at least 25 years old. My mother gave it to me when I got married 'cause I asked them for it. Everything I had was new, and had no history, so I wanted something that I knew from even childhood.

My dad got contemplative, and said, "You know how many meals this wok fed you?" And that made me appreciate my dad (and the wok) that much more.

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