Motion and DVD Studio

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Since I got my fantastic mac set up at work back in January, I have not been able to orient myself with some of my programs. I have not yet looked at Flash, Motion, and DVD Studio Pro. All of which I want to be able to use, at least on a novice level, very very badly.

However, today, I finally had a chance to watch the Apple Tutorial for Motion and DVD Studio Pro and they don't look that hard. I mean, there was a ton to remember, but at least I know where to start. They are SO powerful though! I am so excited for the next project that I get 'cause I'm gonna do it up huge! I have only been using iDVD out of necessity (although it still has some really great templates). The thing that is pushing me towards using DVD Studio (despite it being really awesome) is the fact that my iDVD mysteriously stopped working. It just started erroring in the middle of my project's burning process. Anyway, I figured since it's kind of a downtime at work, I actually had time to train myself to do this stuff. Tomorrow, I think I am going to experiment in Motion. Gonna be a fun, fun day.

Flash... gotta get with that next.

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