Sunday, July 30, 2006

Yesterday, at the Ling Fu Barbeque at Colonel Danforth Park, I was trying to say what I could of what Mandarin I still possessed from six years of Chinese School as a child - at least a good 15 years ago. Yeah, tough. Later, with Lisa, I was talking about how proud I was of my parents that they spoke such awesome Mandarin now. Before they joined the Chinese church they had a good understanding of Mandarin but it was rusty and didn't have a very wide vocabulary. Now, they are able to communicate spiritual truths in Mandarin! That's crazy...

Lisa then turns to me and tells me that my pronunciation is very good! I was floored. I get really self-conscious and have a hard time speaking Mandarin because I am worried that I have horrible pronunciation. I got a compliment from someone from Shanghai - moved here only less than one year ago! Okay, so now she's armed me with confidence to try more. I am really excited about it.

One of my summer goals was to learn something new and cool. I have learned (while only at the novice level) DVD Studio Pro, but perhaps I can start trying to communicate more in Mandarin... That would be really hard. But fantastic!

Beka said that she got her start in Thai when a Thai girl complimented her on her pronunciation ("You sound like Thai!"), and she became fluent in the language. Geez, that would be mind-blowing! I feel like I am way too old to learn a new language. But hey - Tony Baker learned Tagalog at his old age. ;-)

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