Getting Organized

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sometimes I feel like life is a big fight against certain things. On a grand, cosmic scale, that would be against:

  • Injustice

  • Disconnectedness

  • Unrighteousness

  • Hate

  • Ungrace

  • Ignorance

  • ....amongst many things

  • Other times, and often times, I have fighting lesser things, but these also must be fought:

  • Dust

  • Untidyness

  • Clutter

  • Indulgence

  • Obesity

  • ....amongst many things

  • And I am happy to announce that yesterday, I began to win the battle of DISORGANIZATION. :-) My worst thing is that I'm trying to keep track of our finances - particularly in the way we spend money. But that's not always that easy... we're really busy (I wish we weren't), and whatever downtime we have I don't want to be spending cleaning, or entering our expenditures and income into a money program. And often our receipts (the first step effort in keeping track of expenditures) are piling up like crazy on my desk, and other places in the house (contributing to the loss of the battle of 'Clutter'). However, the big blow to this problem came in the purchase of this pretty little machine:

    My own desktop paper shredder! My problem is that I can't just throw out my receipts because of the fear my mother put into me regarding identity theft etc. But now, that is NOT a problem.

    The second step I made was creating an excel sheet that I can enter details about how we spend money in a month. What's different about this and software that I have purchased or downloaded in the past is that it's SO easy to enter and view. I just use the row numbers down the side as the days of the month, and then have a formula set up so that I know what the total is at the bottom. But I also have this set up as categories (i.e., regular bills, leisure, groceries, gas, auto maintenance, etc.), this becomes separate columns. Then have these columns tallied over to the right, at the end. I have set up some of things that give me an instant report regarding the goals we have set and how that looks. Now, I have an accurate picture as to how we are doing financially in a given month.

    OH, AND, we have been successfully keeping up a habit of filing our credit card receipts in a coupon booklet, sorted by vendor. This way, when I go to check over our statements, I can do it SO quickly.

    It only took me over ten years of managing my own finances to finally set up something that I feel complete control over. Yeah, this blog might be way too long on such a measley thing where perhaps you have already figured it out, but for me - this the beginning of a victory of a battle I have too long been losing. Booyah!

    Now, to figure a way to wake up early...

    p.s. Ben left for Thailand this morning. Now, we wait for 35 days until he comes back.

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