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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Playing Cards
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We had such a great day yesterday (well, actually even since Friday). Friday, we had Beka and Lindsay over to prep for the Resonate Pot Luck. When they got to my house, we made lists and off we went to go shopping for food and other random items. We went to Canadian Tire first in order to get me some zip ties to fix up my lanterns - and I got some citronella candles for cheap!

We then went to Hong Tai to buy some cheap, but good groceries -- chicken, black bean sauce, peppers, ground beef, spinach, mmm.... Then to No Frills for regular non-Asian stuff, like Lasagna noodles.

Lindsay and Beka took care of making the lasagna once we got home, and then they played Dutch Blitz with Gonzo while I put up the lanterns, and swept the balcony a little (not too much, or my neighbour beneath us would not be happy). I made black bean chicken with yellow peppers a little later.

Okay, the Resonate pot luck was amazing! Everyone tried so hard. We had chicken fettucini alfredo, steamed rice, wild rice, fried rice with bbq pork and shrimp, chinese onion pancakes (my favourite!), noodles with peanut sauce, tomatos and chickpea salad, noodles with veggies, steamed rice, wild rice, almond jello, ice cream, ice cream bars, cake, lasagna and chicken in black bean sauce (of course) and other things I'm sure I am missing. This was no half-bumbum pot luck. We were stuffed silly.

We watched a slideshow of Beka's and my photos of the Roadtrip ('cause no one else sent me any!), and people later then enjoyed the balcony. The little bit of work I did in order to get it a little less junky (threw out quite a few things) worked out!

Everyone was still chatting it up and having a really good time when we started to herd them out at around 11:15pm. We had to drive a few people home so we couldn't hang out much later than that (poor Lisa didn't get home until 12:30am!). Gonzo and I then got home did a little bit of clean up (not much), and headed off to sleep around 1:30.

We had another full and awesome day at the Ling Fu barbeque-picnic at Colonel Danforth Park (not really easy to find on the internet). Luckily we didn't get lost! We had a good time hanging out with Matt, Margaret, Lisa and getting to know Jesse (Lisa's family's housemate). I love hearing about recent immigrant stories of back home and their struggles and challenges here. Widens your worldview so much, which is so important. So many of them have such difficult situations here, but they still find so much to enjoy in effort of making Canada their new home.

After the bbq, Matt, Margaret, Gonzo and I went to SNG (after stopping at respective homes), had a good service. After service, Beka, Lindsay, Kristiina with Gonzo and I went down to the Jazz Festival and enjoyed some Samba Squad (in the rain). They were amazing. We then headed off to get some dinner at Yumei Sushi (find pictures here.

It's crazy to think that today is Sunday and I still have a whole day off. I love summer.

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  1. i liked this blog! thanks for writing it out. GOOD times this weekend for sure. and yes...it's not even over yet.

    love it.


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