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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

At work, I just finished preparing for a huge project. Now, I'm waiting on other people... But I'm really glad that I'm finished my part. It was daunting.

So, suddenly at 2pm, I really had NO WORK to do. I started cleaning my office, doing research on design and stumbling upon a huge resource on the web for people like me: It has so many articles regarding area pertinent to something so specific that is relevant to me! Articles on the philosophy of marketing in church, foundations, process, tips, tricks - a wealth of information! Here's a snippet of what they're about, as posted on their website:

Our mission is to frustrate, educate and motivate the church to communicate, with uncompromising clarity, the truth of Jesus Christ. Church Marketing Sucks is a part of the Center for Church Communication, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the church matter.

Something's wrong with your church. Something's wrong with the Church. Church marketing efforts and communication in general suck. We've got the greatest story ever told, but no one's listening. The church has a problem communicating, and it's time to change.

We love the church, but it needs some help. Typos, cheesy logos, and bad clip art aren't helping the cause. But snazzy marketing won't save this ship, either. It's not about being perfect, but there's a better way to communicate. It's authentic, it's loving, and it knows how to spell.

This isn't simply about putting butts in pews or selling glossy postcards. It's about helping the church be the Church, and seeing lives changed as a result. If helping the church communicate better allows one person to finally glimpse the Gospel, then our work has been worthwhile. It may be fuzzy math, but God can worry about that.

Oh... when I read that - I was like, THE SUPPORT THAT I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR! I found this website though, through a group on Flickr called Church Marketing Labs - 353 graphic designers, art directors, website developers, and the like, who are Christians, who work at church and desire for a change in the way we communicate visually. Okay, I realize that I may sound quite over-dramatic about this, but really, anything that I've learned, cried over, rejoiced in, and persevered through, I have done with non-designers. While I whole-heartedly appreciate all that I have shared with those I work with (at church), there's always a point where I'm talking and the eyes start glazing over... It's always different when you're having a conversation with someone and both of you speak the same language.

So, I hope this changes my design and confidence in the days to come. I already feel so encouraged.

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