The Bruce Peninsula

Sunday, July 23, 2006

This past weekend, Resonate went up to the Bruce Peninsula for a little RoadTrip (complete with no showers... and surprisingly enough - hardly any running water!) We had Mercy, Joanne, Carolyn, Kim Hampden, Kim Dawkins, Lisa Zhu, Matt, Margaret, Hannah, Beka, Lindsay, Heidi, Eileen, and Steven on the trip. We took the church van (huge 12 seater... I'm only allowed to drive 8 with my license), Matt brought the Aloha Van (thanks Matt!), and 'Zilla (our civic).

Arrived in Lion's Head for a bon file and pizza that Chris treated us to. He surprised us with digging a pit for us just before we arrived, 'cause I was asking in the afternoon if there was anywhere to have a bonfire. What a guy!

Had a good breakfast, then packed our lunches to head to the beach - Sauble! I'm glad that everyone was really happy with Sauble. It's really clean and peaceful. What an awesomely relaxing day. Then back to Lion's Head for dinner - shishkebobs and mutant baked potatoes. They took more than one hour to cook! Dinner left everyone ridiculously full. No one had room for the cantelope we brought up.

Cranium. I stop there

We had the opportunity to lead worship. Service was just fantastic this morning. The people at The Country Church really know how to worship. Worship leading there is really just starting the songs, and then you just get to sing along with them. I couldn't stop crying at one point. The presence of God was just so real. I know everyone was really aware of God's presence this morning.

Afternoon - after lunch and saying our goodbyes we went to Owen Sound to hang out. Gonzo failed to mention to me when we were planning the loose itinerary that there wasn't a single store open on Sundays in Owen Sound. Well, I guess we had a nice little drive through the town. We spent sometime in Inglis Falls park where some of our crazy Resonaters decided to climb the cliff. Aiya.

We had such a great weekend. Not only relationally, but God met us there too. I'm so grateful for that.

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