Reading is Bad For You

Monday, July 31, 2006

Because I am really weak at history I thought it would be good to buy a history book. They were having books on sale at Chapters - random ones, for prices that were something like 85% off. Anyway, I found a book on a topic I can remember I was introduced to when I was in Grade 4, at Dallington Public School: The Salem Witchcraft Crisis of 1692. This particular book is entitled "In the Devil's Snare."

So, I started reading it a little last night and what do I dream about? Two girls who are mildly demon possessed harrassing me at some kind of ministry thing I was leading. Wonderful!

The Better-Thans

I think that we all have ways of thinking that we are better than someone else. Once we stop that, we are a little less angry.


Sunday, July 30, 2006

Yesterday, at the Ling Fu Barbeque at Colonel Danforth Park, I was trying to say what I could of what Mandarin I still possessed from six years of Chinese School as a child - at least a good 15 years ago. Yeah, tough. Later, with Lisa, I was talking about how proud I was of my parents that they spoke such awesome Mandarin now. Before they joined the Chinese church they had a good understanding of Mandarin but it was rusty and didn't have a very wide vocabulary. Now, they are able to communicate spiritual truths in Mandarin! That's crazy...

Lisa then turns to me and tells me that my pronunciation is very good! I was floored. I get really self-conscious and have a hard time speaking Mandarin because I am worried that I have horrible pronunciation. I got a compliment from someone from Shanghai - moved here only less than one year ago! Okay, so now she's armed me with confidence to try more. I am really excited about it.

One of my summer goals was to learn something new and cool. I have learned (while only at the novice level) DVD Studio Pro, but perhaps I can start trying to communicate more in Mandarin... That would be really hard. But fantastic!

Beka said that she got her start in Thai when a Thai girl complimented her on her pronunciation ("You sound like Thai!"), and she became fluent in the language. Geez, that would be mind-blowing! I feel like I am way too old to learn a new language. But hey - Tony Baker learned Tagalog at his old age. ;-)

Full days of fun

Playing Cards
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We had such a great day yesterday (well, actually even since Friday). Friday, we had Beka and Lindsay over to prep for the Resonate Pot Luck. When they got to my house, we made lists and off we went to go shopping for food and other random items. We went to Canadian Tire first in order to get me some zip ties to fix up my lanterns - and I got some citronella candles for cheap!

We then went to Hong Tai to buy some cheap, but good groceries -- chicken, black bean sauce, peppers, ground beef, spinach, mmm.... Then to No Frills for regular non-Asian stuff, like Lasagna noodles.

Lindsay and Beka took care of making the lasagna once we got home, and then they played Dutch Blitz with Gonzo while I put up the lanterns, and swept the balcony a little (not too much, or my neighbour beneath us would not be happy). I made black bean chicken with yellow peppers a little later.

Okay, the Resonate pot luck was amazing! Everyone tried so hard. We had chicken fettucini alfredo, steamed rice, wild rice, fried rice with bbq pork and shrimp, chinese onion pancakes (my favourite!), noodles with peanut sauce, tomatos and chickpea salad, noodles with veggies, steamed rice, wild rice, almond jello, ice cream, ice cream bars, cake, lasagna and chicken in black bean sauce (of course) and other things I'm sure I am missing. This was no half-bumbum pot luck. We were stuffed silly.

We watched a slideshow of Beka's and my photos of the Roadtrip ('cause no one else sent me any!), and people later then enjoyed the balcony. The little bit of work I did in order to get it a little less junky (threw out quite a few things) worked out!

Everyone was still chatting it up and having a really good time when we started to herd them out at around 11:15pm. We had to drive a few people home so we couldn't hang out much later than that (poor Lisa didn't get home until 12:30am!). Gonzo and I then got home did a little bit of clean up (not much), and headed off to sleep around 1:30.

We had another full and awesome day at the Ling Fu barbeque-picnic at Colonel Danforth Park (not really easy to find on the internet). Luckily we didn't get lost! We had a good time hanging out with Matt, Margaret, Lisa and getting to know Jesse (Lisa's family's housemate). I love hearing about recent immigrant stories of back home and their struggles and challenges here. Widens your worldview so much, which is so important. So many of them have such difficult situations here, but they still find so much to enjoy in effort of making Canada their new home.

After the bbq, Matt, Margaret, Gonzo and I went to SNG (after stopping at respective homes), had a good service. After service, Beka, Lindsay, Kristiina with Gonzo and I went down to the Jazz Festival and enjoyed some Samba Squad (in the rain). They were amazing. We then headed off to get some dinner at Yumei Sushi (find pictures here.

It's crazy to think that today is Sunday and I still have a whole day off. I love summer.

DVD Studio Pro

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I finally produced my first DVD out of DVD Studio Pro. I watched the Tutorial twice, to grasp what I am supposed to do with Motion, and DSP. Now, I am even doing up a label - haven't done that in a while! 

It was a very simple set up, but I've gotta start somewhere! It only took me a few weeks to finally finish the darn project! 


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

No one is here at work. I feel more and more sleepy. It definitely helps me work when people are around. At least I have a full day of work to do today. Yesterday wasn't so good...

The Tower That Ate People

Monday, July 24, 2006

That's one cool song - although I haven't a clue as to what it's about...

The Bruce Peninsula

Sunday, July 23, 2006

This past weekend, Resonate went up to the Bruce Peninsula for a little RoadTrip (complete with no showers... and surprisingly enough - hardly any running water!) We had Mercy, Joanne, Carolyn, Kim Hampden, Kim Dawkins, Lisa Zhu, Matt, Margaret, Hannah, Beka, Lindsay, Heidi, Eileen, and Steven on the trip. We took the church van (huge 12 seater... I'm only allowed to drive 8 with my license), Matt brought the Aloha Van (thanks Matt!), and 'Zilla (our civic).

Arrived in Lion's Head for a bon file and pizza that Chris treated us to. He surprised us with digging a pit for us just before we arrived, 'cause I was asking in the afternoon if there was anywhere to have a bonfire. What a guy!

Had a good breakfast, then packed our lunches to head to the beach - Sauble! I'm glad that everyone was really happy with Sauble. It's really clean and peaceful. What an awesomely relaxing day. Then back to Lion's Head for dinner - shishkebobs and mutant baked potatoes. They took more than one hour to cook! Dinner left everyone ridiculously full. No one had room for the cantelope we brought up.

Cranium. I stop there

We had the opportunity to lead worship. Service was just fantastic this morning. The people at The Country Church really know how to worship. Worship leading there is really just starting the songs, and then you just get to sing along with them. I couldn't stop crying at one point. The presence of God was just so real. I know everyone was really aware of God's presence this morning.

Afternoon - after lunch and saying our goodbyes we went to Owen Sound to hang out. Gonzo failed to mention to me when we were planning the loose itinerary that there wasn't a single store open on Sundays in Owen Sound. Well, I guess we had a nice little drive through the town. We spent sometime in Inglis Falls park where some of our crazy Resonaters decided to climb the cliff. Aiya.

We had such a great weekend. Not only relationally, but God met us there too. I'm so grateful for that.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Today, I met with a committee that is discussing the issues of security, risk and privacy when it comes to donations online. I love being in meetings with people in the congregation. I get to see what they're like, a little, when they're at work.

This particular committee are made up of professional paranoids. Really funny.

Quantum Physics

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Today, I watched a movie that my neighbours lent me:
What the Bleep Do We Know?
See site:

Lots of well presented information - and interestingly enough, not much I would disagree with. But. the focus of the philosophy is far too self-centred, and the entire outlook is God-removed. Or, let me correct myself - God, as in the Judeo-Christian God - is no longer Adonai, but me... the human being... as god. We are all gods. That is completely deluded.

you or me

Sunday, July 16, 2006

pull or shove
wake and turn toward me
wake from your sleepy daze
falling into your hollow gaze
how you spend all your days
and i can't tell you what i see
wake and turn toward me

Getting Organized

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sometimes I feel like life is a big fight against certain things. On a grand, cosmic scale, that would be against:

  • Injustice

  • Disconnectedness

  • Unrighteousness

  • Hate

  • Ungrace

  • Ignorance

  • ....amongst many things

  • Other times, and often times, I have fighting lesser things, but these also must be fought:

  • Dust

  • Untidyness

  • Clutter

  • Indulgence

  • Obesity

  • ....amongst many things

  • And I am happy to announce that yesterday, I began to win the battle of DISORGANIZATION. :-) My worst thing is that I'm trying to keep track of our finances - particularly in the way we spend money. But that's not always that easy... we're really busy (I wish we weren't), and whatever downtime we have I don't want to be spending cleaning, or entering our expenditures and income into a money program. And often our receipts (the first step effort in keeping track of expenditures) are piling up like crazy on my desk, and other places in the house (contributing to the loss of the battle of 'Clutter'). However, the big blow to this problem came in the purchase of this pretty little machine:

    My own desktop paper shredder! My problem is that I can't just throw out my receipts because of the fear my mother put into me regarding identity theft etc. But now, that is NOT a problem.

    The second step I made was creating an excel sheet that I can enter details about how we spend money in a month. What's different about this and software that I have purchased or downloaded in the past is that it's SO easy to enter and view. I just use the row numbers down the side as the days of the month, and then have a formula set up so that I know what the total is at the bottom. But I also have this set up as categories (i.e., regular bills, leisure, groceries, gas, auto maintenance, etc.), this becomes separate columns. Then have these columns tallied over to the right, at the end. I have set up some of things that give me an instant report regarding the goals we have set and how that looks. Now, I have an accurate picture as to how we are doing financially in a given month.

    OH, AND, we have been successfully keeping up a habit of filing our credit card receipts in a coupon booklet, sorted by vendor. This way, when I go to check over our statements, I can do it SO quickly.

    It only took me over ten years of managing my own finances to finally set up something that I feel complete control over. Yeah, this blog might be way too long on such a measley thing where perhaps you have already figured it out, but for me - this the beginning of a victory of a battle I have too long been losing. Booyah!

    Now, to figure a way to wake up early...

    p.s. Ben left for Thailand this morning. Now, we wait for 35 days until he comes back.

    Douglas Snow Again

    Friday, July 14, 2006

    This time, a pathetic 150m in 15 minutes. My excuse: not wearing a proper athletic swimsuit, thus causing 'drag'. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

    Motion and DVD Studio

    Wednesday, July 12, 2006

    Since I got my fantastic mac set up at work back in January, I have not been able to orient myself with some of my programs. I have not yet looked at Flash, Motion, and DVD Studio Pro. All of which I want to be able to use, at least on a novice level, very very badly.

    However, today, I finally had a chance to watch the Apple Tutorial for Motion and DVD Studio Pro and they don't look that hard. I mean, there was a ton to remember, but at least I know where to start. They are SO powerful though! I am so excited for the next project that I get 'cause I'm gonna do it up huge! I have only been using iDVD out of necessity (although it still has some really great templates). The thing that is pushing me towards using DVD Studio (despite it being really awesome) is the fact that my iDVD mysteriously stopped working. It just started erroring in the middle of my project's burning process. Anyway, I figured since it's kind of a downtime at work, I actually had time to train myself to do this stuff. Tomorrow, I think I am going to experiment in Motion. Gonna be a fun, fun day.

    Flash... gotta get with that next.

    Finally being fed

    At work, I just finished preparing for a huge project. Now, I'm waiting on other people... But I'm really glad that I'm finished my part. It was daunting.

    So, suddenly at 2pm, I really had NO WORK to do. I started cleaning my office, doing research on design and stumbling upon a huge resource on the web for people like me: It has so many articles regarding area pertinent to something so specific that is relevant to me! Articles on the philosophy of marketing in church, foundations, process, tips, tricks - a wealth of information! Here's a snippet of what they're about, as posted on their website:

    Our mission is to frustrate, educate and motivate the church to communicate, with uncompromising clarity, the truth of Jesus Christ. Church Marketing Sucks is a part of the Center for Church Communication, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the church matter.

    Something's wrong with your church. Something's wrong with the Church. Church marketing efforts and communication in general suck. We've got the greatest story ever told, but no one's listening. The church has a problem communicating, and it's time to change.

    We love the church, but it needs some help. Typos, cheesy logos, and bad clip art aren't helping the cause. But snazzy marketing won't save this ship, either. It's not about being perfect, but there's a better way to communicate. It's authentic, it's loving, and it knows how to spell.

    This isn't simply about putting butts in pews or selling glossy postcards. It's about helping the church be the Church, and seeing lives changed as a result. If helping the church communicate better allows one person to finally glimpse the Gospel, then our work has been worthwhile. It may be fuzzy math, but God can worry about that.

    Oh... when I read that - I was like, THE SUPPORT THAT I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR! I found this website though, through a group on Flickr called Church Marketing Labs - 353 graphic designers, art directors, website developers, and the like, who are Christians, who work at church and desire for a change in the way we communicate visually. Okay, I realize that I may sound quite over-dramatic about this, but really, anything that I've learned, cried over, rejoiced in, and persevered through, I have done with non-designers. While I whole-heartedly appreciate all that I have shared with those I work with (at church), there's always a point where I'm talking and the eyes start glazing over... It's always different when you're having a conversation with someone and both of you speak the same language.

    So, I hope this changes my design and confidence in the days to come. I already feel so encouraged.

    douglas snow

    Monday, July 10, 2006

    Kathy: 400m in 1/2 hour
    Gonzalo: 250m in 1/2 hour.

    We'll go from here! So excited!

    world cup. done.

    Sunday, July 09, 2006

    we're never gonna hear the end of it.

    great sunny day

    I had such a nice day with my husband today. After doing a little bit of cleaning of the house ('cause we're really behind in housework... but isn't that always the story?), we went to get a little bit of lunch at Subway, then off to the community pool. Pleasantview. It's free! The pool is kinda small but it's so close to our house, and it's just nice to be able to cool off with some people in the neighbourhood. I'm always excited about a chance to go to the pool. I possess a childhood-type excitement about the pool. I don't know why. I guess because we've never owned one, and I just never grew out of it.

    After that, we popped over to our neighbours to arrange a time to see a movie tomorrow - Cars! We ended up with a good hour-long chat. Was good to get some new people. Unfortunately, they're moving out at the end of the month. Bummer. Hopefully we'll start a good new friendship that we transcend the move. Yeah - I'm hopeful.

    Tonight we had dinner with the family - Margaret came home. Was good to see her after a week of not seeing her or hearing from her. She got a new guitar! That's awesome. I'm so glad, 'cause I was tired of her rattle-y, out of tune guitar every SNG. Yeah!

    Tomorrow is the World Cup FINAL FINAL - FRANCE vs. ITALY. Maybe I'll go shopping at Oshawa Mall.

    end of these days

    Friday, July 07, 2006

    where have you gone
    everyone is selling out
    left and right
    i am fearful
    that i may be next
    where have i set my believing
    they have misplaced theirs
    feet firm on the ground
    they are never leaving