11 minutes

Saturday, June 17, 2006

11 minutes until i run out of battery on the family powerbook. i want to write a blog, but i know that i should not plug the computer in 'cause i really should sleep. it's 1:50. if i plug it in i know that i definitely will continue to stay up. the internet is never ending. never never ending.

resonate was nice tonight. we had it outdoors and the temperature was fabulous with a lovely light breeze. i admit was getting a little bit anxious when we started approaching the start time of the service and we suddenly had things to do although we had been sitting around for a good hour. i couldn't believe that we were gonna be late! but that's okay. i should just let go and not be so uptight about stuff like that. i have been better lately i think. things that used to bug me don't bug me so much anymore, but there is still a lot of things to knock off that long list.

i'm watching when my temper is creeping up more closely these days. don't want to turn into an adult anger bomb.

i just received my first warning that the computer will suddenly SHUT OFF if i do not plug it in soon.

tomorrow i hope to:
- do one load of laundry
- exercise (go running)
- organize my desk

that should take me ALL day until I go to SNG. okay, gotta go. weird. says I have 10 minutes left of battery time. liar.

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