Monday, May 15, 2006

Today, at Costco, Gonzalo and I picked yet a couple more Williams-Sonoma cookbooks. Cooking is definitely my new obsession... Yesterday, I took upon myself the task of cooking Mother's Day dinner for 14 members of my family: Gonzalo's family, and my family, plus appendages (Matt and Joseph). I made chicken breast with a tarragon and cream sauce (would have been better if the guests weren't nearly 2 hours late -- a bit dry), glazed carrots with ginger, roasted potatoes with rosemary and garlic (Gonzalo actually made these in the end), simple asparagus (boiled, olive oil and salt), and pasta with cherry tomatoes and basil. I started at around 2:30pm, and my guests were to arrive at 5pm, but they didn't come 'til something like 6:40. I managed to keep most of the food warm however.

Although I can make some yummy food now, and am not afraid to try new recipes (some girls have a rule to wear nothing twice, I am a girl that tries to make nothing twice ... at least regarding the rule of trying to make many new dishes)... I'm saddened by the fact that I"m not yet a creative cook... I mean, I use many recipes, but don't make much out of nothing. I'm not like, "Ooooohhh.... this should taste really good together." Hopefully these recipe books are only training wheels that I will eventually out-grow.

What is exciting though is that the 'Bread' book is Gonzalo's buy. He's been wanting to make bread for a while. He's been meaning to ask his dad about learning from him (he loves to make different kinds of breads), but hasn't worked out that way yet. Gonzo's first try is going to be focaccia bread (I told him to try to make something that doesn't have to rise too much - that way, you can't really mess it up!)

The Steak and Chop book is my buy. Look at the yummy dishes:
- Bistecca fiorentina with lemon spinach
- Pork ribs with pineapple-hoisin glaze
- Fillet tips on rosemary skewers
- New York strip steak with blue cheese butter

Oh man, I've never bought a recipe book where I could pretty much make EVERY SINGLE recipe in it because it looks so amazing, and it's not that hard to make... This is going to be one chubby summer...

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