Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hooray! After much labour, Gonzo and I are going to California in a couple of weeks to visit my good friend Wiser. We are going to be flying out of Buffalo which makes the flight like several hundred dollars cheaper. A little more of a trek, but Buffalo really isn't that far away.

So the labour:
I had a couple of flights lined up where both Gonzo and I could fly for under $500. Yes, both together. I called Wiser to confirm that the itinerary was convenient for him, and he told me to check Jetblue and Southwest too to be sure that we're getting the cheapest flight possible. And as I am doing that, the flights go up and suddenly there are no flights available for under $700 (for both of us). I was livid.

Sometimes stubbornness pays off.
I did my searches again and again in Travelocity... yielding nothing but flights that were in the $700 to $800 range... then finally giving up when I started getting flights that were $1150 in total. Ack.

Then, I googled the phrase "Buffalo to San Francisco" to see what websites that would come up with and I found this website called and found a flight that would send Gonzo and I for $455 US. However, I was a bit afraid because I had never heard of these people before.

I gave them my credit card number anyway.
But I did not receive a confirmation email at all (like you usually do - within MINUTES). But I couldn't stay up for it... I was beat. So I went to sleep. I dreamt about Wiser yelling at me for wasting money calling him during the day for $3 for 3 minutes....

I woke up just now and acting pessimistic that we would be declined. (Oh I was reading on the website that the reason why there would be a delay is because they have to check my credit card information during bank hours). However, I found in my junk mail folder a confirmation email that states that Gonzo and I will be flying to San Francisco on Wednesday, June 7. Booyah.

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