Happy 80th!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Happy 80th!
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Today we celebrated Pastor Yates' 80th birthday at our all staff meeting. A big ol' surprise. His birthday was actually yesterday, but we celebrated it today.

He is loved by us all. He's such a fantastic example of someone who has just served God his entire life and still seeks to do so, until he is "called home." He turned to us "young people" and thanked us for setting an example for him on how to live life. Oh come on.

I turned to Ben V. tonight at The Meeting Place and said, "Ben, you're turning 20 this year, right? Yeah, he's lived 4 times longer than you." That's a long time - and he sure has stories to tell.

We had a nice time today celebrating his birthday. He certainly is an inspiration and a testament that you can indeed live for God your entire life.

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