Sunday, May 07, 2006

Today, I went down with Christine (after dragging her out of her Sunday mid-afternoon nap) downtown to see Margaret in action at OCAD. It was cool to see Margaret actually make some things in her jewelry class setting. Strange that after 3 years since she started, I still haven't seen her actually physically make anything! Unfortunately, I didn't get to see her make anything really cool because they weren't allowed to have gas or ... (something else that they couldn't turn on) because there were no class monitors and the person who turns on the gas (and whatever) would be liable. Anyway, Margaret started to make me a simple, but cool, bracelet. AND... and polished my wedding rings. OH MAN, it's like I got married yesterday! I'm so excited.

I'm so excited also to show Gonzo. I know that he'll be happy... since I'm not really careful with them. I mean, I use them in every day real life. I don't live a princess' life, you know! I could probably take them off when I'm scrubbing the tub, however...

Anyway, I'm proud of my little sister. She's doing really well. Her pieces are original and probably how I would put her "style." She even has a potential commission! Someone saw her locket piece and wanted to have something done for his mother for Christmas. That's fantastic! We were beaming for her (Christine and I were the only ones there at that time). Yay! Hopefully that works out.

I took some photographs of her pieces and hopefully she can use them (I took them on film and I'm not good with film - even worse than I was before). Christine should be able to colour correct them to a beautiful state. Yeah... that would be good.

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