Tuesday, May 30, 2006

oh yeah, and it's my birthday today!

i dressed up with a new skirt, and complete with fashionable accessories. I feel like a million bucks... :-) boys, you don't understand what earrings and some bracelets can do for a girl.

27. wow. that's how old matt janes was when i first came on as an intern. it's a weird year for me. i figure i should have some interns.

what do i hope for this year? to be a better person. to be a deeper person. to be more in control of my home. it's running away from me. when i come in the door, it looks like 30 people leave there... so many shoes...

happy birthday to me. i am 27, alive and well, and happy.




Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hooray! After much labour, Gonzo and I are going to California in a couple of weeks to visit my good friend Wiser. We are going to be flying out of Buffalo which makes the flight like several hundred dollars cheaper. A little more of a trek, but Buffalo really isn't that far away.

So the labour:
I had a couple of flights lined up where both Gonzo and I could fly for under $500. Yes, both together. I called Wiser to confirm that the itinerary was convenient for him, and he told me to check Jetblue and Southwest too to be sure that we're getting the cheapest flight possible. And as I am doing that, the flights go up and suddenly there are no flights available for under $700 (for both of us). I was livid.

Sometimes stubbornness pays off.
I did my searches again and again in Travelocity... yielding nothing but flights that were in the $700 to $800 range... then finally giving up when I started getting flights that were $1150 in total. Ack.

Then, I googled the phrase "Buffalo to San Francisco" to see what websites that would come up with and I found this website called Cheapair.com and found a flight that would send Gonzo and I for $455 US. However, I was a bit afraid because I had never heard of these people before.

I gave them my credit card number anyway.
But I did not receive a confirmation email at all (like you usually do - within MINUTES). But I couldn't stay up for it... I was beat. So I went to sleep. I dreamt about Wiser yelling at me for wasting money calling him during the day for $3 for 3 minutes....

I woke up just now and acting pessimistic that we would be declined. (Oh I was reading on the website that the reason why there would be a delay is because they have to check my credit card information during bank hours). However, I found in my junk mail folder a confirmation email that states that Gonzo and I will be flying to San Francisco on Wednesday, June 7. Booyah.


Monday, May 15, 2006

Today, at Costco, Gonzalo and I picked yet a couple more Williams-Sonoma cookbooks. Cooking is definitely my new obsession... Yesterday, I took upon myself the task of cooking Mother's Day dinner for 14 members of my family: Gonzalo's family, and my family, plus appendages (Matt and Joseph). I made chicken breast with a tarragon and cream sauce (would have been better if the guests weren't nearly 2 hours late -- a bit dry), glazed carrots with ginger, roasted potatoes with rosemary and garlic (Gonzalo actually made these in the end), simple asparagus (boiled, olive oil and salt), and pasta with cherry tomatoes and basil. I started at around 2:30pm, and my guests were to arrive at 5pm, but they didn't come 'til something like 6:40. I managed to keep most of the food warm however.

Although I can make some yummy food now, and am not afraid to try new recipes (some girls have a rule to wear nothing twice, I am a girl that tries to make nothing twice ... at least regarding the rule of trying to make many new dishes)... I'm saddened by the fact that I"m not yet a creative cook... I mean, I use many recipes, but don't make much out of nothing. I'm not like, "Ooooohhh.... this should taste really good together." Hopefully these recipe books are only training wheels that I will eventually out-grow.

What is exciting though is that the 'Bread' book is Gonzalo's buy. He's been wanting to make bread for a while. He's been meaning to ask his dad about learning from him (he loves to make different kinds of breads), but hasn't worked out that way yet. Gonzo's first try is going to be focaccia bread (I told him to try to make something that doesn't have to rise too much - that way, you can't really mess it up!)

The Steak and Chop book is my buy. Look at the yummy dishes:
- Bistecca fiorentina with lemon spinach
- Pork ribs with pineapple-hoisin glaze
- Fillet tips on rosemary skewers
- New York strip steak with blue cheese butter

Oh man, I've never bought a recipe book where I could pretty much make EVERY SINGLE recipe in it because it looks so amazing, and it's not that hard to make... This is going to be one chubby summer...

Mission Impossible 3

Friday, May 12, 2006

Gonzo, Margaret, Matt, Christine and I watched Mission Impossible 3 last night at the Richmond Theatre downtown. Sound at that theatre is amazing.

The movie was so great. Writing, pacing, effects... so fantastic.
As Margaret put it, "It was stressful." Not a slow moment in the whole film.

Video Screen Shot

Monday, May 08, 2006

Video Screen Shot
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And here is a screen shot of my video that I prepared for General Conference that I am so proud of!

General Conference 2

Okay, my latest crazy opportunity is now flying to Winnipeg, MB for one day - leaving tomorrow morning, and coming back Wednesday morning. Pastor Smith asked me this morning. He was thinking about it, and felt that everything would be better if I was present to make sure all the media would go off without a hitch. Feels so funny though. Like, I will see many of my friends on Wednesday, and can say, "Yesterday, when I was in Winnipeg..."

My life gets weirder, and weirder, and cooler, and cooler.... :-)

Anyway, I'm really happy that I'll be there to make sure all the work that I put into the media will be presented well. 47 hours on one video to be presented badly is NOT cool. My trust level, obviously, isn't very high...


Sunday, May 07, 2006

Today, I went down with Christine (after dragging her out of her Sunday mid-afternoon nap) downtown to see Margaret in action at OCAD. It was cool to see Margaret actually make some things in her jewelry class setting. Strange that after 3 years since she started, I still haven't seen her actually physically make anything! Unfortunately, I didn't get to see her make anything really cool because they weren't allowed to have gas or ... (something else that they couldn't turn on) because there were no class monitors and the person who turns on the gas (and whatever) would be liable. Anyway, Margaret started to make me a simple, but cool, bracelet. AND... and polished my wedding rings. OH MAN, it's like I got married yesterday! I'm so excited.

I'm so excited also to show Gonzo. I know that he'll be happy... since I'm not really careful with them. I mean, I use them in every day real life. I don't live a princess' life, you know! I could probably take them off when I'm scrubbing the tub, however...

Anyway, I'm proud of my little sister. She's doing really well. Her pieces are original and whimsical...is probably how I would put her "style." She even has a potential commission! Someone saw her locket piece and wanted to have something done for his mother for Christmas. That's fantastic! We were beaming for her (Christine and I were the only ones there at that time). Yay! Hopefully that works out.

I took some photographs of her pieces and hopefully she can use them (I took them on film and I'm not good with film - even worse than I was before). Christine should be able to colour correct them to a beautiful state. Yeah... that would be good.

General Conference

My latest incredible opportunity was being given the task of putting together a video for General Conference. Pastor Smith and Jonathan Smith are going to be teaching a session on "Receptivity." The sad thing is that it is not a safe assumption that all churches are reaching out to those who have no hope, or in the midst of despair. Anyway, it's going to be a good and helpful session.

So, General Conference is a big meeting with all the credential holders in the PAOC - across Canada. So all these people are going to see MY video! Crazy! :-)

My video turned out ot be about 20 minutes of five pastors that we interviewed (I even got to fly to Cape Breton to interview one pastor) answering five questions. I worked about 47 hours on the video. This is definitely the longest I've worked on anything in my life. Usually I completely anything I do in about an hour or two!

Happy 80th!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Happy 80th!
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Today we celebrated Pastor Yates' 80th birthday at our all staff meeting. A big ol' surprise. His birthday was actually yesterday, but we celebrated it today.

He is loved by us all. He's such a fantastic example of someone who has just served God his entire life and still seeks to do so, until he is "called home." He turned to us "young people" and thanked us for setting an example for him on how to live life. Oh come on.

I turned to Ben V. tonight at The Meeting Place and said, "Ben, you're turning 20 this year, right? Yeah, he's lived 4 times longer than you." That's a long time - and he sure has stories to tell.

We had a nice time today celebrating his birthday. He certainly is an inspiration and a testament that you can indeed live for God your entire life.