a year and a half later

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

a year and a half later
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Tonight I took the night off from working (I usually work 10 to 10 on Wednesdays), 'cause I'll be at the church all weekend - yay! Easter! I was already at the church until 10pm last night from the dress rehearsal.

Anyway, tonight I finally got a good chance to clean up the wreak-of-a-house that we live in, vacuumed, did two loads of laundry, industrial-cleaned our washroom... all the clutter is still here though. Will have to deal with that on another day. Definitely not all by myself.

So yeah, that is one of the reasons why I work so long on Wednesdays: 'cause Gonz is out working too. Look, I'm in my wedding dress 'cause I had nothing else to do (for once). It's fun that I can still wear it. Getting a little snug...

Next thing: a little bit of exercise.

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