Time for Spring

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Yeah, this template is nice for spring. How happy I am that spring is finally here! I see all the people, who are just like me, already pulling out the sandals. I got reprimanded heavily by the weather, however, the one day last week I did wear a skirt and sandals. I was FREEEEEEZING. So, I will wait until it's well above 15 degrees before I bust out the sandals again.

Although, I did buy a whole new pair. So excited. I want to wear them now!

Okay, is there anything I can talk about that's less ... superficial?

Not much today. Just realizing I could use a good vacation. The last time I had a "vacation" was when I went to NYC to visit my cousin Kaye back in March 2005. And that was only for 4 days. Hopefully I can learn to take a little bit easier this summer and plan some good weekend getaways. The only thing about that is everyone has the same idea as I do - traffic all the way there, and traffic all the way back.

Sunday night, I helped my friend Jonathan edit his thesis for his Master's. I felt pretty honoured that he would entrust an entire chapter to me. He's only been preparing for it all year (two years?). Anyway, unfortunately now, you're probably proof reading my blog here and wondering why the heck would he give his thesis to me! It was fun, however, and we probably wasted a good portion of 2 hours when we first got there. Around 9 o'clock we buckled down and really started editing. Oh, "we" is Christine and I. Christine was kind enough to join me and work on part of his paper as well.

Nothing interesting to report today. The Woodlands brought me back fries from Kentucky Fried Chicken fries, which was a nice conclusion to my I'm-gonna-start-eating-healthy-lunch of chicken breast and salad. YUM! FRIES!

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