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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hospital Scene
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We are in the final lap of finishing up this Easter Video for the Presentation at our church. It's been a bit of a tough go, but I think that we've learned a lot about how to do it the next time 'round. Yes. The next time 'round.

I am so proud of this piece. Matt and Jeff have really brought it to life with the soundtrack and the audio mixing. Honestly, Gonzo and I were concerned that it was going to be boring. But I don't think that anymore.

I am currently exporting the video AGAIN. This is now the fifth time. I found a typo. Then Gonzo found a typo. Then Gonzo found a couple of frames where the clapper shows up. It's annoying. The process is as follows:

- 7 minutes: Export from Final Cut to .mov
- 20 minutes: drag .mov file to the server
- 20 minutes: drag .mov file to the laptop
- 30 minutes to process the .mov into iMovie

We're going to be displaying it in iMovie because we felt that it presented it the titles the crispest in iMovie. In QuickTime we were getting pixelation. We're presenting it on the computer because we felt that it would be more reliable than play and pausing on the DVD player. We have not had such good luck with that.

Anyway, I'm excited for this weekend, and see what people's response will be.

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  1. Hey Kathy,
    How are you guys? I haven't been back in Toronto for over a year... seriously... it's been that long, no way, I must have made a mistake.

    Anyway, I would love to see the video you guys did sometime. Is it online anywhere? You can take a look at all of my little 60 sec movies at www.thinkerlabs.ca/explosion don't expect much but there getting better. I think...

    Say hi to Gonzo for me
    and BTW don't make me sign on using my crappy blogger account. later


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