at the church.... still...

Saturday, April 08, 2006

This past few weeks I've been living at the church. But unlike other times, this time 'round I don't really mind it. I guess it's because I'm here due to Gonzo being involved with the Easter stuff at the church. I mean, see how crazy this can be: after I finish working, Gonzo will arrive at the church to start editing on my computer here, and then I just stay with him. It's like double shifts here. Oh well, it's just for a time.

Yeah, but after this "time"... I want a vacation.
And I'm thinking San Francisco. Yeah... We'll see.

I have to do my taxes. Then maybe I'll have the cash to go.
That's a horrible way to think: get my taxes, and blow it on a vacation. I think that I should try my best to most of it away. It's like someone did some extra saving for me and just handed me the benefits.

Anyway, I still want a vacation. But maybe I'll just work on getting some sleep soon.
I still haven't had dinner, and I'm still at the church. This is getting illegal.


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