Sunday, February 12, 2006

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so, margaret and i went shopping this afternoon. i was already tired to begin with. i must be getting old, 'cause margaret seemed to have no problem. we went to ikea to pick up some stuff to make a present for my parents' 30th anniversary (old photos and stuff), and then went to yorkdale for random shopping. i bought socks, mascara and a big scarf. nothing too exciting... but it was good to get out for a day of old-school shopping.

but now i'm more tired than before.
and i also feel a little sick. i'm just at the beginning of the feeling so i hope to curb it with lots of fluids and hot home-cooking.

christine and dave are in paris! eiffel tower, the louvre, crepes and all. crazy!

gonna go make myself feel better now. ciao.

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