Friday, February 10, 2006

heehee! it's been over two and half years since i have posted here. the last time i posted here, it a whole 'nother chapter of my life - i am now married! anyway, i've 'gone dark' over the last few months. all the lame-o places i've tried to continue blogging have been unsuccessful. myspace has to be the most uninspiring webspace ever. i'll sit myself down to write something - but the interface is just so ugly, i cannot bring myself to write ANYTHING. gah!

well, christine's overseas and she has publicized her new blog at, and i was like, "oh yeah! i love blogger!" i forgot my first love. ;-) so, i'm back with blogger, and i hope that i'll be able to keep journalling something somewhere consistent. reading some of my old journals are so funny.

blogger has updated their templates so i'm happy to be back. i have nothing exciting to report - except that today is thursday, which means it's steak night at the jimenez household which means that my tummy is happy.

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