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Friday, February 10, 2006

so, the last couples of days have been themed with computer problems. yesterday, my entourage (outlook for mac) was freaking out. i have two 'inboxes' set up because one is on the local computer (not used), and the other is the view from the exchange server. suddenly, starting Wednesday, i started having some mail delivered to the one inbox, and some to the other. i was like, okay, this is going to be really annoying - so what do i do? i delete the account from my computer 'cause i figure it's resident on the server, so i'm just going to be downloading a new copy of it. no problem.

correction. lots of problems.

so i re-add the account to my entourage, and what happens? my sent items, my deleted items, etc. start ALL getting delivered to my local computer 'inbox'. aside from it being all mixed up, why it is bad is because now it's being removed from my account on the server. meaning, there is no back up for me to get a perfect set up the way it was again!

so i had to interrupt the process.
after reloading my account several times, and after a few hours, what i finally figured i had to do was delete my whole profile and start entourage all over again. wipe entourage's memory of me completely clean. that worked perfectly - but my tasks aren't backed up on the server in entourage, so i have to re-enter at least 50 different tasks back onto my to-do list. gah!

and today - ever since we upgraded to QuickTime 7 on our computer at home, we have not been able to view any videos online (i.e., apple trailers) and apparently many mac users have had the same problem. after moving, removing plugins and deleting preferences, emptying caches, restarting the computer and another two or three hours, i finally got it to work after it NOT working for at least two weeks.

*sigh* so much of life is lost to fixing computer problems.
and the other half: doing laundry and other annoying housework.


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