30th Anniversary Celebrations

Monday, February 27, 2006

My family in Montreal
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Well, we did it! We took our parents to Montreal in celebration of their 30th anniversary. The photo is of the entrance way into the Festival of Lights in Old Montreal. I LOVE OLD MONTREAL. I think that it's such a wonderfully unique place. So many nice buildings - and they did such a good job in just adding cool modern lighting to update it and highlight its history....

....Anyway, whoops, this was about my parents' anniversary....

We had a wonderful time - a wonderfully cold, cold time. I didn't know that cold could cling to you even into a piping hot room. Kind of scary.

Kind of scary like Montrealer driving. :-)

We had pretty much every kind of cuisine: Korean, Chinese, Italian, French, Thai... had Montreal smoked meat (at Schwartz's - you had to fight to get in!), and picked up Montreal bagels for hometime from St. Viateur's (it was an ordeal to find the darn place on the internet). Food in Montreal definitely rivals Toronto's yummies.

We went to the Biodome on Saturday and that was really cool. I wasn't sure whether everyone would enjoy it or not, but if there was only a penguin exhibition in that whole place, it would have been worth it. They are the funniest animals I have EVER seen in my entire life.

Fashion in Montreal is better than Toronto - that's for sure. They have a much better selection, and better prices. My dad says, next time we need shoes we need to come here. Shoe shopping, strangely enough, characterized a lot of time there.

Lunch at Schwartz's was definitely a highlight - our final meal in Montreal. Matt found this place in an article in a tourist guide regarding Montreal's smoked meat. We get there, and it's this narrow little deli,and people are lined up all the way outside. There's so much yelling, and tension, and aggressiveness just to get into the place and get seated. Once you get seated, you order your food as fast as you can, and they bring it back just as fast. You then proceed to throw it down your throat, throw your money on the counter and run out of the store. It's the most wonderful 15 minutes of your life.

I'm so blessed to have such a great family. My parents' investments have paid off: they have three daughters who, in turn, love them - and would give anything up for them. Thanks God.

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