wowie zowie, i'm going to see STING

Thursday, November 06, 2003

today i went to stratford with maria fudge to pick up her mother who was visiting her sister. we had a nice good ride all the over there to stratford, which is a very pretty town. anyway... on the way home, we stopped for dinner at kelsey's, and we're about to go, and adam calls, in a frantic pace says, "callcallcall muchmusic - the number is 1-800-265-much. i haven't been able to get through yet, but try to get as many wristbands as you can." oh, oh! okay! okay! so we're leaving the restaurant, and for 40 minutes into the car ride, i am calling, calling, calling, calling much music. good thing it's a tollfree call, or otherwise, i'm would have run myself up a huge phone bill this month.

so, i FINALLY get through, and since i haven't television in forever, much less much more music, i really had no idea what to say... so i stumbled and out came, "um, yeah, uh... i want to ... uh... request wristbands to see sting...?" and the lady on the other end says, "honey, you have to WIN wristbands, you can't request them." uh, okay. i actually didn't know WHAT this entailed. did i have to enter my name? did i have to bid? did i have to act stupid? what? what? what? turns out, it's sting-trivia.

i didn't know a lot of the answers.

i didn't know answers to questions like, what was the name of the Police's first album? what is the name of the charity that Sting and his wife founded? and some of other ones... including, what's Sting's real name? the woman freaked when i passed on it! i really didn't remember.

but i got questions like, what is the name of his new book of memoirs? what instrument did he play in the police? what was the name of his first solo album after the Police? so, yeah, i knew SOME stuff.

but what is important is that next friday, i will be standing in the much music environment watching sting. i'm allowed one guest, so gonzo's coming with me. it's our anniversary on the 17th, so this is perfect. happy 5th anniversary, baby!

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