well, that was poop.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

i suppose a great experience in music has to be balanced by the utter worst concert i have been to in my life.

the moneen/taking back sunday/saves the day concert.

at least we went to sushi on bloor before the concert - that certainly saved the evening. oh and that i spent the night with my sisters - that's good too.

but as soon as i stepped into the kool haus, i was like, um, yeah, i am WAY TOO OLD TO BE HERE. girls with mid-pubescent bodies, drapped with strips of fabric they call "clothes" and boys that all looked like they got dressed together. too much two-toned hair, braces and piercings. oh, and the pony tails had to go. every where you stood, you had a ponytail waving in your face. no matter how good the music was, hair in your face, that isn't your own, makes it really hard to enjoy.

secondly, probably two feet away from us, and certain sometimes right up against us, was the most hideous couple you've ever seen kissing their faces out. margaret kept making disgusted faces as her eyes kept drifting over in their direction. it really was like the eclipse. you know looking at it will cause you pain, but you just can't help it. she kept tempting me to shove her so she could just plow them over... with an excuse. they were disgusting.

it wasn't even MAKING OUT MUSIC... i.e., slow stuff, SEXUAL stuff - it was badly played, loud, yell-y, ugh! it just was nasty. quote margaret: "the images are burned into my mind."

so after the second band played, and played badly, we deliberated about leaving. we didn't deliberate too long - we just left. the first band, moneen, really impressed me the first time i heard them back in march, and they weren't that good this time.


sting has ruined me for life.

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