the sting-aftermath

Saturday, November 15, 2003

well, that was certainly a surreal experience.
gonzo and i were waiting in line for one hour and then they let us into the studio, where we checked out coats, and then waited for another half hour to 45 minutes for more instructions.

we get into the studio and at first gonzo and i were very unhappy with where we were standing. we're not very tall, and we were standing behind a tall guy. we could see nothing. but then someone from the studio-crew moved him. then our view was perfect. UNFORTUNATELY, we were standing behind Sting, so we're probably in every single shot. oh well, i didn't bring my camera into the studio with me 'cause they told us we weren't allowed to take pictures - and then they said we were allowed, but my camera was back in coat check. so all the people who were disobedient got rewarded.

anyway - oh- back in line, get this - this woman turns to this other woman and says, "are you sarah...?" "yeah" "remember me? i'm ron kydd's daughter." i'm like "excuse me? ron kydd taught me in bible college." so us 6 just stood there in awe at the fact that we were all connected. sarah and her husband pastor in kitchener and went to school with matt janes, dave larmour, jonathan smith, terry talbot, etc., etc. and the other woman, well, her father taught gonzo and i in bible college. we all stood together in the studio later.

set list:
- walking on the moon
- send your love
- whenever i see your face
- dead man's rope
- every breath you take
- fields of gold

kipper, joy rose (and other background vocal singer), dominic miller, jason rubello were all there with him. i stood right by the piano and got to watch him play. kipper played on this keyboard that was no more than 2 octaves. it looked like a toy. joy rose has an amazing voice and is so terribly expressive. kipper backs him up well also (vocally). and of course, jason rocks.

it was so surreal being in the studio with only like 160-80 people there with you with these larger than life musicians. people that you've just admired from SO far, and then they're just standing RIGHT in front of you shaking your hand, giving you a signature... i kept zoning out and forgetting that i was in a studio and watching STING. so weird.

but that was an awesome experience. i asked maria to tape it for me - i hope she remembered! i'm not looking forward to seeing myself on tv though...

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