Friday, September 05, 2003

since i've gotten back from the fantastic trip i had in germany, i have not yet even posted a smidget of memory here, or anywhere on my site. well, since i got back i've been bombarded with work. i had a week to take it easy and work as fast as i can, which was SLOW because of jetlag, but once tuesday hit, i could barely take a break to eat lunch. by the time this weekend is over, i would have made three videoes. one video is bad enough.

germany was amazing. and i am planning on putting up lots of my pictures that i took there, to share them... but right now i'm still in that crazy work mode. not only with church stuff, but prst stuff too. today's friday, my day off, but i have to start a website today. i'm pretty excited.

i have lots of journalling from when i was there, so i will be able to quote stuff that was more fresh in the memory than i'll be currently, so it should be cool. watch out for it.

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