Wednesday, September 24, 2003

so, tonight, i'm just working on my computer and my mom's at the dinnertable... we start smelling smoke. first thing i check is my computer - i put my nose up to the tower... "nope, it's not my computer....." mom: "what's burning?" she checks the kitchen. nope, not the kitchen. so she follows her nose to the balcony - it's outside!

we run outside to find a whole dumpster on fire. FIRE!
check it out!

isn't that messed?! and that's it going out. it was BLAZING before. i got to call 911. i was so nervous. weird, eh? i was in a panic even though i know that everyone was going to be okay. i'm not quite sure why i felt that way.

good thing no one was hurt.

oh, earlier today, margaret and i went to the music store at scarborough town centre (AUG! i hate going there), to get piano books for my piano student. but before i got to picking out books, margaret and i played duets on two grand pianos. that was so fun. man, i need to get one of those. yes. a grand piano.

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