Friday, September 26, 2003

matt, margaret and i just got home from seeing the Toronto Symphony. i don't remember ever going to the symphony before.... well, i'll never forget it - that's for sure.

we had such a fiasco getting the tickets today. first i was counting us getting this huge deal with TSO - tsoundcheck - which is a deal for those 15 to 29 to get into the symphony for 10 bucks. TEN BUCKS! that's just amazing. but of course, by the time i called to reserve tickets for us, it was sold out.

then they said i could purchase 'rush' tickets. but then i was informed i couldn't get them over the phone. i have to see if there are any available when i arrive that evening. well, that makes sense. hence "rush". but still sucks.

got there one hour early. got tickets no problem.

and then we were in for such a fantastic night. i cried. like i expected. like anyone expects me to. the three pieces were amazing.

Rossini: Overture to La gazza ladra

Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 3

Mussorgsky/Ravel: Pictures at an Exhibition

it was just incredible. i can't believe that people can memorize pieces that long. i mean, i know that they do it all the time. but still to see it actually happen is unbelieveable. so cool.

i heard a few mistakes, but overall, it was incredible. i really liked the conductor. he made the music so visual for me. while he did the technical job of cueing, he also really expressed the music in his motions. it was amazing, the contrasts in dynamics that the orchestra was able to churn out. i can't get over it.

in terms of writing - it's so cool how the writers made the theme travel around to the different sections of the orchestra. (that's something that really impressed me, but i don't pick up very well from recordings. i find that listening to recordings is really 1-dimensional for me. i suppose the visual experience really helps me.) textures in the strings, and brass are so... TASTY... in my ears. it's really the only way i can describe. it's like they flood my insides with full flavours.

i am so happy that i got to go. especially with people who can enjoy it with me. that was worth way more than 20 bucks.


Wednesday, September 24, 2003

so, tonight, i'm just working on my computer and my mom's at the dinnertable... we start smelling smoke. first thing i check is my computer - i put my nose up to the tower... "nope, it's not my computer....." mom: "what's burning?" she checks the kitchen. nope, not the kitchen. so she follows her nose to the balcony - it's outside!

we run outside to find a whole dumpster on fire. FIRE!
check it out!

isn't that messed?! and that's it going out. it was BLAZING before. i got to call 911. i was so nervous. weird, eh? i was in a panic even though i know that everyone was going to be okay. i'm not quite sure why i felt that way.

good thing no one was hurt.

oh, earlier today, margaret and i went to the music store at scarborough town centre (AUG! i hate going there), to get piano books for my piano student. but before i got to picking out books, margaret and i played duets on two grand pianos. that was so fun. man, i need to get one of those. yes. a grand piano.


Friday, September 05, 2003

since i've gotten back from the fantastic trip i had in germany, i have not yet even posted a smidget of memory here, or anywhere on my site. well, since i got back i've been bombarded with work. i had a week to take it easy and work as fast as i can, which was SLOW because of jetlag, but once tuesday hit, i could barely take a break to eat lunch. by the time this weekend is over, i would have made three videoes. one video is bad enough.

germany was amazing. and i am planning on putting up lots of my pictures that i took there, to share them... but right now i'm still in that crazy work mode. not only with church stuff, but prst stuff too. today's friday, my day off, but i have to start a website today. i'm pretty excited.

i have lots of journalling from when i was there, so i will be able to quote stuff that was more fresh in the memory than i'll be currently, so it should be cool. watch out for it.