Thursday, July 03, 2003

well, my life has officially become busier than i like. i don't think that i've had a meal at home for about 3 weeks now. I LIKE HOME COOKING. i'm tired of eating out, and driving all over the city to do things that i don't enjoy, and even things that i usually DO enjoy. people need time at home, and right now i'm one of those people. i've hardly seen my parents, and i miss them! and wonderful - i drive out to ottawa tomorrow. but that should be a good trip...

see what i do to myself? i keep running myself low. i complain about not being at home, but as soon as i get an invitation to go out, it's like i think that i have to accept it. and it's not that i don't want to go - I DO WANT TO GO, but that's the problem. I WANT to go, but I really should stay home, because i'm embarking on burnout. by the time the fall rolls around, i'm gonna freak.

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