design breakthrough

Monday, July 21, 2003

i was getting worried. i felt like a lot of stuff looked the same over and over. but i think that more recently, like over the last week or so, i've really broken through the ceiling that i was hitting. i'm experimenting much more with transparencies and it's giving me a richer look. that's what i really wanted too! 'cause i felt like a lot of my stuff looked kind of flat. using transparencies gives me a depth that i wasn't getting before. *sigh* this is so fantastic.

what's also cool is how i'm incorporating christine's work into my own. she's taken some abstract shots with the digital camera, and i've been using them in my own work. it's cool, 'cause i've been using these two couple of shots of hers over and over again. i've used it at least 3 different pieces, and each time they look so different. so, i'm experimenting a lot too which is making me quite pleased.

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