visiting adam

Monday, June 23, 2003

today was fun. smiths, joel, and the chinas went swimming at morgan pool after a nice lovely pizza lunch at the smiths. then off to church for the anniversary music celebration (that name sucks... but is descriptive). adam and i then proceeded downtown to meet up with christine, margaret, joel, karl, and robert, but that never happened because hunger pangs took over our weak minds and we ended up at sushi on bloor instead of hanging out with them. bad friends! bad friends!

anyway, in our conversation over dinner, we decided that on fridays, 'cause i have the day off, i could drive out to the waterloo area to visit adam, and then bring him home for the weekend. that would be cool! of course, i could take ... matt... who is the only other person who might not work on fridays who would care to come, or margaret if she were to skip work... or anyone else who would be interested!

well, i write this so that i will remember that we said this. i am always sad when friends somehow slip through your hands, because of busyness, lack of effort... so, i'm gonna fight to not let that happen with adam. i did let that happen with joel. but cool thing is that somehow i got a second chance, and he's back and hanging out with us. hopefully us lims will stay in good contact with him (and adam, once he's off to school). goodie. goodie.

time to rest up for another day of hanging out! :-)

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