how scary!

Saturday, June 21, 2003

i picked up christine from Leslie Station tonight... at like 11.30pm, and we ran over to Shoppers Drug Mart, and then proceeded home. Welll, on the way home, we noticed that this car was parked on the street, while still running, and then moved up, and then stopped, and then moved up - until we spotted a woman who seemed a bit worried in her walk, rushing along the sidewalk. christine and i pulled over, and watched to see if the car was indeed following this woman. she started walking (almost running) down the sidewalk past our car, and christine called out, "Are you okay?" she said "Yes, thanks," and continued walking. christine offered for us to give her a ride to her house, and she was grateful. apparently, a man in the car was harassing her. i'm so glad we noticed her, considering the terrible evil that she could have encountered tonight. Man, things like this make me really scared to live in this world, considering so much of my life is surrounded by such UTTER goodness.

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